Brian Mudd: Joe Biden's Low Approval Among Young Voters Is a Generational Opportunity for Republicans


If you go back and really take a look at the data he's been underwater with voters under the age of 34 since early June But you might imagine that the real falling out that's happened here of late That's been driven by the youngest voters These vaccine mandates I do think they play a meaningful role here You know vaccination rates are lowest wear Their lowest youngest And it stands to reason that those who've opted not to obtain a vaccine for their own health reasons and considerations up to now Don't take kindly to being threatened with their careers when they're just starting to make their way in the world And take care of their family grow a family And so what actually is happening here Is a generational opportunity It's a generational opportunity And it's a generational opportunity for Republicans if they get this right You know I'm the real life walking talking Alex B Keaton You know you take a look at the 80s and in loving Reagan was a thing It was a thing for millions in my generation He is the primary reason That those of us that were products of the 80s the gen xers tend to be more conservative than boomers or

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