A highlight from Duke exposed by Ohio State; Purdue is the best team in college hoops; ACC already in trouble (College Basketball 12/01)


Court storming in his final season at dude. I'm not trying to brag, but who predicted way back in the preseason. A court storming, what happened after Ohio State duke played in Columbus? Was it, I'll give you some options. Was it me? Or me? Or me? It was definitely you. I don't know. I haven't had time to go back and listen to it because I wanted to listen because I can't remember if I put on the table over under and the listeners will certainly know over under 3.5 court storms on duke and Kay this season or if it was 4.5. I believe you went under and I went over. I think that's what happened, but you did accurately predict Ohio State. I have no idea whether I did or not. But I'm not interested in that. What I'm interested in is you called it. You called it and coach case final non conference game of his career on the road will end in a loss. And by the way, that's gonna be part of his legacy, by the way. When people are talking about this 20 years later, they'll be like, listen, he wants the championships, and he won a lot of games, but it's worth pointing out he did fail in his final non league road game of his career. Not only that, what else is the media afraid to talk about this morning? It's the fact that Mike chasey is going to start and finish clearly a very good career without having coached a team to an undefeated season. That's over. It's over for him. Yeah, let's talk about all the things Mike she just has never done in his career. Hey, hey, hey, career record against Chris holtman? Owen won. Is it? That was the first game. I looked it up last night. All in one. Unless they meet in the NCAA tournament, and at this point, are we sure K is going to be able to get there? Unless they meet in the NCA tournament, Chris Holman, world retire. With an undefeated record against Mike Shia chesky, want to know all time. For everyone watching on the live YouTube stream, hello. Give us a few minutes to give Chris open some credit, okay? We got to start with duke. Don't worry, we'll get there with Ohio State. If you are watching on YouTube, hello and thank you. Reminder, if you don't follow us on Twitter and don't get the alerts, you need to go and nobody gets the alerts. They do, though. That's the thing is that it works. And the alerts work, they do work. And if you aren't on Twitter, which plenty of listeners are not, but you'd like to watch the live stream in real time. Be sure to go to the episode description on this podcast, nada, who some people think is not real. He will have a link in the podcast description so you can subscribe to the channel and get heads up. Our next podcast is scheduled to be live at 10 a.m. Friday morning that is east coast time. As for the game Parrish, it felt like both teams played like a B2B minus level. It felt like duke kind of went through the motions a little bit. I'm gonna have you talk about your guy Apollo Ben Caro because he didn't have the kind of game I expected him to and we'll give plenty of shine to EJ Liddell as well. But this felt like duke almost just, they let him hang around a little too long and they wanted to pay for it in the end. It was a bit surprised by the way duke allowed Ohio State to really close the gap and then overtake them in the final couple of minutes. Well, the wild thing is that they clearly let them hang around, but there was a point in the game where they weren't hanging around at all. They were done 13 at the half, 15 in the second half, and I saw this bouncing around on Twitter, Tuesday night. I'm gonna assume it's true. Entering Tuesday night, duke had won 185 games in a row with a double digit lead at halftime. It was the longest active streak in division one. They were up 13 that they have at Ohio State as up by as many as 15 in the second half. And they lose that game. So it wasn't just that they let Ohio State hang around. It's that they just blew a 15 point lead in the second half and couldn't score in the final four 29. Literally didn't score in the final four 29 of the game. Trevor kills makes a free throw four 29 left, dude goes up 66 59. And that's the last time duke scored in the game. What? Duke missed its last 6 shots. In Ohio State closed the game on a 12 O run over the final four 28 to win the game 71 66. Like everything about that is excessive. Like scoring 12 points in a span of four 28 is excessive for a college basketball team. Holding somebody to zero points over a span of four 28 is excessive for a college basketball team, and yet that's what happened on Tuesday night to allow Ohio State to get a signature win in a court storming and obviously cost duke the number one ranking in the country. If you can hold that box go on the screen for a couple more here on the YouTube stream, look at what everyone watching along in real time. Look at duke personal fouls. More with four, roach with four banker with four, Mark Williams of four, and then Theo John wants a wines are falling out. This is not exactly an analog to the Gonzaga game, but Gonzaga was dealing with this exact thing. It had a lot of its guys with four files, dealing with foul trouble down the stretch. That didn't help matters for duke on top of why it wasn't able to score sometimes coaches will tell you if you've got key guys in foul trouble late. It can impact your ability to run the kind of offense you want to run and guys just start playing differently. I certainly thought that was the case to an extent with duke overall. Ben Carroll, 14 points on four 14 shooting was not the same kind of world shifting player that we saw for some of the Gonzaga game before the cramps issue surface. Did you hear, by the way, I don't believe this. This can not be true. Did you hear billa say on the telecast that van Carol loses 7 pounds in a game? 7 pounds over two hours? That seems like it could put a normal human being in the hospital. There's no way that can be accurate. If you told me like two or three pounds, I can see it. 7 pounds in two hours? Well, I believe it was Holly rose reporting. And I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna be skeptical of Holly's reporting. What she said was that there had been some test run on Paolo, because he's cramped in the two biggest games of the year. So they ran some tests like what's going on here, this doesn't make sense. You're 19 years old, you're physically fit. Why are you cramping all the time? And what she said, what they said they found was that he loses roughly 7 pounds per game, which is the first time in 20 years I thought about playing basketball game. Okay. I'd be like, I'd love to lose 7, but I play that play, I'd play some back to backs. I'd love to lose 7 pounds playing a game. So he's now drinking a special oxygenated drink during games that prevents cramping. I drink vodka while I'm watching him and he drinks an oxygenated drink to avoid cramping. But even with that, he wasn't great last night. You know, he was four 14 from the field. 14 points 5 rebounds and by the way,

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