Mike Gallagher: The Sanctity of Life Matters When Debating Abortion


You know, it's funny. I've debated abortion for years. I've been at this since 1978. I remember in 1978, arguing abortion on the radio. Think about that. Think about that. 1978 was at 40, 44 years, and most of my career spent in front of a microphone. And now we're arguing and I want to be careful here because we've heard these arguments forever. But to me, there are some fundamentals that matter. The sanctity of life that matters when I go to the ballot box and I pull the lever, I want to know if I'm voting for somebody who agrees with me on the sanctity of life or believes that an 8 or 9 month baby in the womb should be ripped out of the mother's womb. And here's what the federalist Eleanor barto writes about the raw ruling, highlighting the greatest logical flaw in support for abortion for abortion to be illegal at some point before birth. You got to pick that point in time. She says, but when? With roe? The Supreme Court first took a trimester approach to when abortion should be permitted. As the ro opinion was drafted, the justices disagreed on the stage at which abortion should be regulated. In the final form, row forbade all abortion regulation in the first trimester, allowing regulation only of serving the mother's health in the second and banned prohibition in the third trimester when a mother's health was a consideration. The justice who wrote the majority opinion in roh Harry blackman, even wrote in a memo to his colleagues that rose use of trimesters was

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