A highlight from Was Jorginho Snubbed?



Craig Burley and Jack at his office, the fallout continues after Lionel Messi was awarded his 7th Ballon d'Or. Yesterday beating the likes of Levin doski and new georginio to get the award. Goodness. There's been so much fallout about it as welcoming Franklin but for Ian Dawkins with us as well as is Alessandro del Piero. Ali, let's start with you. Shall we? With a simple question, would you have given the Ballon d'Or to Messi or to Lewandowski? Well, I mean, these three guys deserve it three of them. I would love to give into the George junior, of course, because he transformation as a professional player almost quit and now become a huge and fundamental midfielder for Italy and Chelsea and both team they did they won the Euro in 2020. And they won the Champions League. So when you have these kind of title, and you are the guy that everybody's looking for, of course, and because of Italian, again, is another option. At the end, what I'm seeing is something that, you know, it's not, I don't know. I mean, it's weird to be honest, because we miss last year and we will talk later that against about other things. But yeah, I would love to give it to Georgia. We got there in the end. Basically, because he's Italian. Is that right? At the end of the day, shall we? I'll tell because he's Italian. Those that would argue against your Geno would be the fact that obviously, Chelsea could have probably won the Champions League without him. He would have won the moment. I'm swinging to Ali. Italy would have won the Euros without him as opposed to sailing now Messi's contribution to Argentina was greater. What the message did was something amazing. And also it was also what the Lewandowski did was something amazing. I mean, this year was to give more than $1 billion, you know, because of the last year that there wasn't the possibility to give him because everybody was shut down. Okay, let's give one to 11 doses as well, because you deserve it for last year. And this year Messi also has an incredible qualities in what the performance last year. Best coriander on the cup,

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