FBI Raids James O'Keefe's Apartment Amid Probe Over Ashley Biden's Stolen Diary


Was wondering if someone could help with this. A couple of years ago, I was flying from New York to Los Angeles. I remember exactly what seat I was in. It was seat three a now I am, I'm a journalist guy. I'm always taking notes. I have hundreds of journals, some would call them diaries around my house. I love writing things down. I love taking notes. But on this particular flight from New York to Los Angeles, I was really kind of taking notes and doing things and I then fell asleep got distracted. Landed, got off the plane, and an hour or two later I realized that I had forgot my journal on the plane. I ran back and it wasn't in the lost and found. It wasn't where people said it was and I have a high suspicion that my diary and my journal was stolen. So to the FBI, could you guys help me find my diary? Is that a federal crime now? Are you guys now in like the diary locating business? Now, some of you might be saying Charlie, what on earth are you talking about? Well, over this last weekend, we have now learned that there is an expanded scope of federal authority. Where the southern district of New York and I want to be very clear, there are some phenomenal people that are part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the boots not in the suits, but the southern district of New York is its own kind of it's its own country of enforcement. SDNY, that's the one that went after Steve Bannon, dinesh de Souza. It's one that went off to every single one of the conservative allies. Well, breaking last Friday night is that fair to say Friday and Saturday because we didn't really see it. I don't know if we covered it last week. Project veritas run by the wonderful James O'Keeffe had their doors kicked in. For the federal agents that were going after the alleged missing Ashley Biden diary, how is that a federal concern exactly? And so there's a lot surrounding that story, there's a lot within the contents of the diarrhea allegedly. We were told the diary wasn't real. I didn't really cover the story honestly, I forgot about this. There's just been so much crime and corruption around the Biden regime and the other side just isn't covering it at all? But let's play cut 20. Fox report on how the FBI investigation of project veritas and the diary apparently belongs to Joe Biden's son or Ashley Biden. We're not exactly sure. Play cut 20. On Friday, O'Keefe acknowledged project veritas is under investigation by the Justice Department over the apparent theft of a diary reportedly belonging to Ashley Biden. President Biden's daughter. Just days before the 2020 presidential election, pages from the diary were published by a right wing website, which reportedly has ties to O'Keeffe. The site claims, it received the diary from project veritas. O'Keeffe says a copy of the diary was leaked to project veritas by a whistleblower, but they chose not to publish it because they could not verify its

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