Armando Simón Exposes the Left's Lies About Christopher Columbus


And we know what marxists do to history Well there's a piece today in where is this Sorry folks issues and insights By amando Simone the let me read this to you The accusation which often sound more like insults than rational accusations about Columbus Range from the gruesome claiming he chopped off Indians hands for not bringing gold or carrying out genocide total fabrications To the infantile ridiculing the fact that one of his ships sunk he was not the captain of that particular ship and they were sailing an uncharted seas Abounding in hidden reefs to the stupid Democrat politicians and Native Americans claiming that Columbus carried out genocide in North America where he never set foot nor sail Nonetheless we can expect the usual posturing and slogan airing on Columbus day as you heard By historically illiterate leftists in indigenous people some of the latter being about as Native American as Elizabeth Warren One should consult primary sources preferably in the original Spanish and not in translations His log book they called the capitulations legal documents also known as the book of privileges The contemporary biographies and especially Lewis Castro vehi testamento And others Both written by friar bartolome de la casas was every schoolchild in Spain and the Caribbean nose was the apostle of the Indians for working indefatigably to protect the Indians from his fellow Spaniards De la casas never mentions Columbus committing any crimes And a Las casas did not shrink from the accusing anyone When the contrary mentions Columbus as a constantly protecting the

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