A highlight from Fielding Edlow - Bitter and Better


Podcast. I'm your co host. Ed crasnick my co-host jennifer kalari coming along minute. We have a great show. This big show. This is relationship is what we're going to call it a postage due relationship. We're gonna talk about relationships marriage all kinds of things with a very talented actress writer. Comedian and co creator of really funny show on youtube. Call bitter homes and gardens. Also an actress on bo jack horsemen many other shows fielding. Edlow will join us in just a just a little bit here. I'm excited about this. And i haven't been excited since my bar mitzvah and i'm still having bar mitzvah flashbacks. And they're not good. You know we're gonna talk about all kinds of things and jennifer will give us some tools for communication and how to hot hot deal with what's happening in the world and in ourselves and in our minds because that's where it all goes wrong. Everybody that's where everything gets crazy. Today's show has been brought to you by new. We fresh we. Fresh is an sri in handy

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