Louisiana, ACLU And Jordan discussed on John Hancock


There are more states that sued could be Jordan joining Georgia and a high. Oh, and some of the others adopting the so-called heartbeat abortion law that effectively bans abortion after six weeks. The contingent being that six weeks. Many people don't even know they are pregnant Louisiana and Alabama have are already in the process of advancing similar or even stricter abortion bills, which bans abortion in most cases, wants a fetal heartbeat is detected. Such laws already facing some stiff legal challenges from the ACLU and other organizations have claimed the bills are unconstitutional. My favorite line and the whole story I read couple of days ago. Some say that they disproportionately affect minorities and women in poor communities. Didn't mention anything about the baby's heartbeat. That would be a pretty pretty strong effect too. Borsch and making a comeback as hot button political issue. We'll probably be a factor in the twenty twenty elections. I don't remember who I heard recently say that this wasn't a factor anymore elections. But. Whoever that was probably will figure it out that this

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