Our E3 breakdown: Microsoft's Project Scarlett looks crazy powerful (The 3:59, Ep. 568)

The 3:59


The. Tonight on what you're saying. I'm Ben FOX Rueben and Oscar Ellis, E three is upon us. The big video game confab is out. No way. We've got a whole team out there covering it. Oscar you're here, though, covering all of the action. What was the most pressing? You've seen so far. It's granted we're only about two days into it. It was by far Kiana Reeves so John, Wakeham selfie. He appears in the twenty seven twenty seventy seven trailer. And sure enough, he shows up at, at three does a little spiel has just roar of applause, and announces that the game is coming out next year. And you said this was at a presentation press conference held in which they announced new hardware, like a new XBox coming twenty twenty project scarlet, but you said, can't raise got more plausible that it was huge even he was taken aback. I mean ease superstar, even he was like, whoa, right? And everybody just loves them. There's cheers, there was a guy who said your breathtaking. And that guy's going to get a free copy of the game from CD project, grit. Because he heckled he heckled cannery canneries been on a pretty Sean, Ron John wick three obviously has a lot of fans of I wanted to give to always be my maybe that Netflix film, in which canneries plays version of canneries that we think he is, which is kind of amazing. But back to back to you three product scarlet we have to talk about the next XBox AK graphics. One hundred twenty days for second salt say drive. Would you think about it, it seems that for this next gen consoles deceits us is solid state drives? Yeah. That is just going to make everything faster when it comes to loading two big areas that's going to be the key thing graphics. Wise course it's going to be better. They didn't show anything. But obviously it's gonna be better. PS live is going to be better. But solid state drive is going to get a new television, right? Ak graphics. You're going to need to upgrade your forte TV or so. We're, we're in for four k content. Yeah. If you want, if you want the eight k is a bit about feature per right though. The last version, the Xbox One originally didn't have XT Moore did have four K just like the PS four. And so I think they're trying to feature proof a little that there. Right. So it's, it's not where they had to come out with that Xbox One x to power, the four K resolution stole a lot of time for them to tease out a lot about this product because it doesn't come out until holiday, twenty so this was probably. Just a little bit to get people interested. And then we're going to see a lot more going forward. Yeah. The more than likely. They'll have their own little bit next year. Like they did with the Xbox One yet tour the show off the games, but halo infant is going to be a game for this four cyberpunk twenty seventy seven where the two only two trailers, I mash them watching just some huge halo junkie so beyond that last week, there was the Amazon remorse conference, which kinda got lost the shuffle. With all the touching on apple WW C, which they knew that then knew that they were scheduling, the first annual conference dub dub, tell me what is remorse. So is a it's basically Jeff Bezos is conference that they hadn't Vegas where they talk about robotics space, artificial intelligence. It's kind of big science, fair about a couple of things. So it was drove was quite enough that it could potentially sneak up on you. Yes. Yes. So Amazon announced their newest prime air drone at the conference, which is kind of a big deal, and that they continue to rate, these delivery drones that they keep tell. Us going to deliver us stuff within thirty minutes by the FAA hasn't really moved forward with the proves where we don't expect this to reach the mass market, at least the next couple of years if ever but it was a cool new drone. So tell me about on scout. Amazon scout. I got a chance to actually see this. This is a delivery drone for the ground. So it rides around in suburban sidewalks. And one of the cool aspects of it, that they told me about was that they create these duplicates of the real world, the real neighborhoods that Amazon scout is actually going around and to actually train the I to be able to actually know what to do when it goes out there and doesn't. I don't know. Knock over a tiny dog or something like that. All right. More of these sound seen it and Roger Chan, I'm Ben FOX. Zealous. Thanks for listening.

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