NBA: Does Steph Curry Need The Finals MVP For His Legacy?



NBA finals begin finally tomorrow night wide Leonard comes in under the most celebration on the other side of Steph curry who in the last five playoff games has been absolutely sensational. Scoring even more than Kawai. Steph has three NBA titles to MVP's already but not a finals, MVP Colli does by the. Curry said, quote, it's a special award that everybody wants to get, including myself. But at the end of the day, the first thing I do is look up and see, did you win or lose on quote, we'll curry need this particular ward to validate his great career. No. And the fact that I never even thought about this today as much as I think about uncover, the NBA illustrates why. I mean, I've never thought about this now. It's interesting historical thing, Tony for particularly for older people like us who know the history of the league, and I think back on it, and of the people who've one of those who've won top twenty five place fifteen eighteen twenty players Julius Erving to me seems to be the most famous most accomplished has conic player who is not one because the other conic players, you know, they didn't win or they were the number two guy like Kevin McHale or, or someone like that Scottie Pippen great, great tonic players. I'm not gonna say they certainly are where they are. And I think Julius Irving is the guys is the only one. Right. I guess as Carmello Cremona, John Stockton, but they didn't they didn't. They didn't want to Patrick like you. Reggie, those are not commonplace like you. Seth curry has a chance to be an iconic. He's got a chance to win four championships in five years, he's the greatest shooter of all time. All right. I think of this as a small, it just doesn't even register on me, but, but magic Scott it and birds got it and Jordan's got it and his contemporaries Durant LeBron have this. So if you want to use this as disqualifier because you don't like curry, I guess you can not. I I he's an all time players ever wins this because of everything. He's one I think, might I think this is too small. You gotta get to the finals Griddle with you willing some place winning is the thing again. Tony, I just call it historical greatest note, but does it mean devalue Steph crises, not cement us, now

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