Trial begins for border activist who helped migrants


And border activists charged with helping a pair of migrants with water food and lodging was going trial today in federal court. If convicted Scott Warren could be sentenced to twenty years in prison. He faces three charges of harboring migrants Warren volunteers with a humanitarian group no more deaths, which assists migrants near the border in Arizona by providing food, and leaving jugs of water to save the lives of those crossing the searing hot desert. Warren has argued that his spiritual values compel him to help all people in distress. He told democracy now. That's the argument. He'll be making in court. Really over the, the coming weekend, really outlining our case about the necessity and the need for humanitarian aid, and clear been clear. Right. Morally as glee spiritually, and legally to give and receive humanitarian aid anywhere in, particularly in the borderland region. Thousands of immigrants have died crossing the border since the mid nineteen ninety s when heightened enforcement and San Diego and El Paso, Texas. Push traffic into Arizona. Scorching deserts warns parents have gathered more than one hundred twenty six thousand online petition signatures asking the court to drop the case warns arrest early last year came several hours after the group no more deaths gave news organizations videos of a border patrol agent kicking over water jugs met for immigrants and have another agent pouring. Gallons of water on the

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