Dealing with information overload with AI


Information is now created communicated and consumed on an industrial scale content from billions of sources. Is distributed via an array of channels to audiences all around the world an around the clock. But it's the Spade diversity and volume of information is rapidly becoming overwhelming, and the, the key is to discover an extract the best information from that vast quantity of data at the right time. And from the most reliable sources, so simple but signal is an artificial intelligence powered media monitoring, reputation management and market intelligence provider. But that's not always ranked as one of the case, fastest growing companies Bader, financial tones, essentially signal building solutions that compliment the human expertise within any organization, but with artificial intelligence and solutions that can expand a teams knowledge with up to the minute information and supplement their processing capacity by trolling through millions and millions of data and content sources full them. So I recently learned that signal. As opened offices in New York, and Hong Kong, and is also emerging as a leading authority in distilling facts. In an era of fragmented new sources. So for those reasons alone, I'm quite excited to get them on the show today. So book elope, and hold on tight. So I can be meal is all the way to London. So we can speak with signal is founder, David Beddington who's going to provide his unique insight on how machine learning software is rapidly changing monitoring services for government legal industry, finance advertising, and be on. A massive warm, welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners a Labatt who you are? And what you do. I am David Bennington. The he and founder of the business could signal AI kingdoms being around for about six years. I founded the business in London in the garage, I with my dog to be on my teenage who's a how cheap dates onto and together, we've been building this for the last six years, which essentially aggregate, a lot of the world's information we bring together most of the world's news, you know, two hundred mile and over a hundred languages, we combine that with a lot of the world's regulatory data since -ocial media was full costs and increasing the a lot of alternative data sets the internet. And then we apply machine. Nine AM. I to transform that data from unstructured text into structured insight that business leaders can use to make better decisions founded the. Business in a garishly an episode a Silicon Valley all Steve Jobs. Exactly. I often have to remind US investors that we, we also have carriages here in the UK, although I pronounce them garages, of course, when to say. Absolutely. Now signal, I is an artificial offficial intelligence powered media monitoring reputation management and market intelligence provider. But can you help people listening understand

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