Jony Ive leaving Apple after nearly 30 years to start new design firm


Of astutely pointing out that apple no previous to a past couple of years never really made their designers knowingly never put the names out of their designers a but in in the new yorker profile think ben thompson wrote a piece about how in the new yorker profile they sort of seating you know some of these names of designers and when they made the announcement that johnny i've is leaving they did say that you know huge place by the specific designers although reporting to eighty an awkward in person well i wish in person i guess i'm johnny i've had multiple roles they said in you and we haven't even discussed the role he had in the building in their new orders now is the last big product right apple was the spaceship and so when you have somebody operating in those like multiple roles there's no title for that person their nose doing all these different things so you're not gonna replace them with one person either and so it kind of makes sense that this replacement or you know somebody official title is probably gonna fit in a bunch of different spots i'm not certain sort of surprised by that organizationally they'd have no you know executive bp of design anymore right people reporter tim cook it all falls under the chief operate operating officer jeff williams but a they did say that fit harbor design an industrial design in human interface face design these other suffered stuff will be two different leads you're gonna have a evans hanky vp of industrial design an allen die will be the vice president of human interface design so at least you're gonna have separate people on on the that people can point to is being responsible for these things and i'm sure they've been heavily involved you know for a long time and i'm sure that even as joining live is leaving even if he was not have any more involvement in apple which is not gonna be the case because apple is the first big customer for his new design firm but they have products in the works that he's had a hand in we won't see for years right handed batter i i can't imagine that apple would let him go without him having some huge sign and put on whatever they are glasses for example like if you're talking about design being important thing for something a product that a category that has not been proven yet to be consumer friendly hr would be chief among them unique kind of need the confidence of a johnny design you know the the lack of a better phrase v a the reality distortion field that he brings to it as well

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