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NBA Legend Dikembe Mutombo records Ebola messages to help US officials fight outbreak


Health officials in the u._s. are turning to basketball hall of famer to can be mutombo for help in battling a deadly outbreak of ebola the a._p.'s ed donahue reports nearly fifteen hundred people have died since the outbreak was declared in eastern congo less than a year ago my bread the motown bo is a well known philanthropist in his native congo the centers for disease control and prevention hopes matombo gets the message across he moved to the u._s. in the nineteen eighties intending to pursue a medical degree he understands where the distrust about ebola comes from those people too Barth through evil where this comes from those people, too. Barth Ron's evil where this is. do school pupil from daily life makamba messages talk about recognizing the early signs of ebola early treatment and prevention

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