Pickle Jar Theory, a powerfull time management tool


Welcome back to radio show today. We are discussing the longtime known about concept of the pickle jars far as time management goes. And I'm bringing some thoughts to bear that that are really kind of disheartening some way because you know, in the past when I talked about the dry talked by you gotta get the right things in the pickle jar. I but now that I'm over sixty years old. I start thinking about what are the right thing that the stuff that was the right stuff for me when I was twenty it surely different than what it was when I was forty and absolutely different than what it is. Now that I'm sixty these things change. And so I've done shows in the past about, okay, let's dump the rocks out, right? And freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose a quote by Janice Joplin, my dad had another one was it's not what it costs to buy things. What it's cost to keep them to manage them to maintain them. So all these things bring back to the fact that you know, we start to accumulate so much stuff in life house out my garage the other day looking at this so much and I have a twenty car garage. So I have been more we bought the twenty car garage because we could we filled our three car garage completely full with stop. And we wanted to be able to pull cars in the garage. So we got a twenty car garage now, but the twenty car garage just allowed me to accumulate twenty more cars garbage out of my garage. Same thing with our house. I mean, Melissa just keeps accumulating crap in the house. She buys more furniture, more stuff more trinkets. And I was thinking the other day going. What would it take? You know, what if I died? I'd get revolved stuff. Where would it all go? You know, nobody wants this stuff. Stuff that we thought important us. Nobody else thinks it's important. Nobody want this crap. And what it becomes an it's interesting because he had to bring a made into clean how she got to bring in a landscaping company to demo- the yard. You gotta bring another again landscaping company did to the trees, you gotta bring in another guy maintained the, fountains and other guy maintains the ponds and other company maintains the pool, and I think in may. Look at all this stuff. That's in this pickle jar just mind boggling and sit back, and you think. Just dump all this stuff out. Should I regret that too? Just living small home without very much stuff. Because you know, what are you actually do with all that stuff? You don't really use? It. You can't use. There's not enough hours in the day. There's not enough time in the pickle jar to use all this stuff. But yet we have it's the other day we are looking at these Polaris four by four ATV's. Boy that looks like fun. Why don't we get one of those start thinking? Yeah. It's great. A winter. We use it. Where do we keep it? You know, we have the space to keep it. But when did we use it? What would we do with? Where would we go? That would mean we'd have to take time off from something else to travel to somewhere else, and they're showing them driving ATV mode in all-terrain vehicles in the mud and the water and the the Forest Hills through sand, and boy, it looks like fun to the question is are we gonna go by all that muddying gear and get herself all new motorcycle writing equipment and helmets gloves and boots and stuff. And then find a place to buy a trailer to put it on the trailer and drive it out some place. And I mean, that's the kind of stuff you have to think about is like every time you pick up one end of a stick your picking up both ends of stick. And it starts to change on you. And so if you decide you want one of these ATV's, you now realize it's not street legal. You can't drive it somewhere. So you have to have a trailer. My gosh. Now, I have to have a trailer and the ATV, right? Then you realize that if you get right ATV, it's going to be fun at all you're going to need a helmet, and you're going to need gloves, and you're gonna need a suit that, you know, going in the mud and the water you're gonna need to have a. Oh, what do they call them, the wait waiters and so forth. That's guys will wear waiters because they're up that are wasting water mud, and it's fun as that looks is it worth that in the real questions. And then what do you take out of the pickle jar to make it fit? 'cause you gotta go back in there and take something else out. And like I already said I took out two weeks. I haven't worked out, and I know today, I gotta go start working out again because I'm just gonna go insane. If I don't so now something else has to come out of the jar. But you know, Melissa six gonna take her to the doctor. So maybe I can't go to the gym because I have to take her to the doctor where where does all this stuff and. And I was thinking seriously about this. Right. You know, how how do you work this out? And I started trying to figure out. How could you make everything fit? And then I realized I had a piece of the story. A piece of the solution in mind, I'd already used it. But I hadn't perfected the thought process around using it, which is you're going to need additional pickle jars. Think of that concept you need additional pickle jars. So each pickle jar of your life. Now contains some portion of your life and restricts the usage of that portion to some other group of people they're gonna maintain that pickle jar for you. Now, that's an interesting concept. And so I started playing with you know, what that's true because what I bought an apartment complex. I didn't have to spend any or very little of my time out of my pickle jar manages complex because the pickle jar or the complex was a pickle jar in and of itself. It had staff now to operate that business was again, the skillset of managing that pickle jar of that business and getting the work load, which is again limited by the time usage of the pickle jar getting the workload done in a fashion, which the big rocks were done. I those things that were important on operating that apartment complex had to get done. First. They were the most important rocks and had to go into that pickle jar. And again, you had to fill it up as much co with big rocks than you go with the try to get the the good pebbles in and then. The rest of sand and water fills in around you. So when you own an apartment complex, there's things that you go in there and doing you're thinking, I gotta get in here. We've got to get this thing renovated. We've got to get the rents up. We've gotta get the expenses down under control. We have these issues. We have these goals. He's rocks. That are rock solid ideas that we want to accomplish. But then again, there's taxes tenants. Toilet stuff. Just fills in around you. Yes. Something flood. Something breaks. Tenants are bad. Whatever it is. And those things are just day killers. You know, if you working apartment complex, by the way, we don't work in your part comes that's the idea of having a separate pickle jar. That took jarred self your employees, your staff there there, and that Sinn minutia gets in their way, you want them to leave. But if they're busy dealing with tentative, shoes or maintenance issues all day long. They can't get their arms or their head wrapped around. Eating out there and filling this thing up keeping full. So it becomes an illustration in pickle jar management all over again. It's the second pickle jar in your life. Is this business that you set up, but at least you're not working in that pickle jar you own that pickle jar that pickle jars performing for you. But you're not working in that pickle

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