Drowned father and daughter mourned at El Salvador cemetery


Thank you a young Salvadoran father and his twenty three month old daughter who drowned trying to cross into Texas related their final rest today a week after the heartbreaking image of their bodies floating in the Rio Grande circle the globe they were buried during a private ceremony at the cemetery in southern San Salvador so a family friend they went in search of a better future but everything came to an end in the river a collection of floral arrangements of doing the grave including one from el Salvador's president and First Lady and president Nighy bill Keller who took office a month ago said candidly his own country bears responsibility what got it it fully reflect the day for the United States the food I mean they've they've they've led of some other than that our country it is it is our full illicit L. Salvador is ready to work with the US to overcome poverty and provide jobs so it's people don't have to

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