News in Brief 1 July 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the united nations an increase in heat stress at work linked to climate change is that the have a massive impact on global productivity an economic losses you and labor experts said on sunday highlighting that the world's poorest countries will be west affected particularly in west africa and south east asia the international labor organization or low won't in any report that they lost out but will be equivalent to eighteen million fulltime jobs in twenty thirty and coast at two thousand four hundred billion dollars people working in agriculture are likely to be west hit as these sector will see sixty percent of the total label working house lost from heat stress by the end of the next decade construction will also be severely billy impacted according to a letter with an estimated nineteen percent of global working hours lost by twenty thirty according to iowa heat stress generally a cut above seventy five degrees celsius that's ninety five degrees fahrenheit in places this high humidity in extreme cases it can lead to heat stroke which can be fatal molden one point four million displaced people in over sixty refugee hosting countries will need resettlement next year you in refugee agency said on sunday according to u n h ceo's projected global resettlement needs twenty twenty reports those were the greatest resettlement needs in twenty twenty will be nationals from syria followed by south sudan anti democratic republic of congo globally resettlement needs in twenty twenty all set to rise by one percent compared with this year driven by increased displacement in africa andy america's of six and twenty two percent respectively giving the record numbers of people needing safety from war conflict and persecution and the lack of political solutions sion's to these situations we urgently need countries to come forward and resettle refugees said you were in high commissioner for refugees philippe brandy meanwhile related development you and hcl has added support to a cool for many most states to increase protection for the lgbt community and to be more aware of the unique vulnerability today only thirty seven states grant asylum to individuals on the basis of persecution based on sexual orientation or gender identity according to u n h ceo's assistant high commissioner for protection voca tech and do an independent experts victimology go below us many lgbt i refugees continue to face prejudice and violence in countries of transit and his country's according to mr took while it missed the magic out bulldoze insisted that others are also exposed to disproportionate levels of opportunity attention police abuse violence an extra judicial killings along with forced sterilization cycles conversion therapies and finally della russo should hope the execution of individuals who have contacted the human rights committee for help you and human rights experts have said in a statement addressed to the by the original thirties you went panel cited the case of alexandre phil mickelson even though it had requested did a stay of execution on his behalf to date bella bruce has disregarded every committee request for entering measures not to execute individuals while their cases are on duty committees consideration it said on monday noncompliance with e u n panels request

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