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Ferrari releases. No, meme, November fifteenth later this year starring Christian bale Matt Damon believe it's based on a book and pretty highly anticipated I was curious what the reaction would be. Like we tweeted, the trailer reaction was huge automobile magnets. Henry Ford, and Lee is it coca I KoKo, yet dispatch a team of engineers and designers to build a car to race against Ferrari at the nineteen sixty six lemons, I guess, say it 'cause you bail LeMond is that makes more sense Christian bale as Ken miles, Matt Damon has Carroll Shelby. They're in it. They're the two big stars that took got people very excited on Twitter yesterday, and on Instagram like shit Damon bail on excited. James Mangold is directing. It's really just overall. This is first movie since Logan, by the way, overall just toward a force of people things you wanna see with this movie. It's like one of the first FOX things at Disney's releasing, well, actually like second or third because I've tarp FINA comes out this week, but very excited. I've other trailer was great got pretty I've for this one. This is the list of things. I'm excited for later this year. It looked anymore bettas of an old guy named in Carroll Shelby. No, that's that's up there. Yeah. Yeah. I thought great. I love Christian bale and his whatever accent. He wants to put on does, you know, he's from Britain. Well. Anyway, carry on. Yeah. I thought cool, I you know, I like cars. I'm not huge in a motor sports, but I you know, it'll be nice to seems like all these. To. I wanna call them period. Pieces like period type racing movies had have ended up in very good. Whether it's can we just talked about it. Rush Russia on race compete Anneke louder. Yeah. Nikki Lauda just passed away. I mean that that was really good. And this, this looks like that. And then was there, another one was at the cinema movie. I can't remember if that was a documentary or not, I seem to end up enjoying them.

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