NBA free agency: Warriors, Nets may explore sign-and-trade that would net Golden State assets


The start of free agency and all my goodness it never stops Steve this Sager jumping in here with some this figure what's going on we mentioned the nets trading guard d'angelo Russell sign and trade to Golden State to make room Adrian washing around ski ESPN saying the warriors are trading on Greenwood dollar to the Memphis Grizzlies they're sending a protected first rounder twenty twenty four twenty twenty five twenty twenty six unprotected all as part of the deal to make room so Andrea go dollar guy who's been making twelve to fourteen million a year for many years remember he was a score in Philadelphia not with Golden State on that roster but a guy who is a first rounder out of Arizona fifteen years ago has been traded or we'll be traded more accurately to the Memphis Grizzlies let me add something to that Ramona Shelburne said that he could dial a former rob Palenque clients so wouldn't be surprised to see the Lakers somehow get involved so I would be surprised about that either can the Lakers involved as well well ya Dreger dollars getting a bag Scott drug now well I just I mean you're probably going to need someone to take quite a bit of a pay cut because I mean if you especially if you get a call why not if you don't get kawaii you can go I get a few pieces but I mean unfortunately for unfortunately for the Lakers the clippers in the rafters they've gone all in right now on kawaii Lynyrd and whichever Weiss and fortunately it's gonna be a fortune for two of them because Arnie's what army what's left what's left at the markets cousins your Patrick Beverley still out there the lady whether they're not out there not talked about but a greeting to the Max deal as the bay area report to stay with writing state so there's not much there's not much meat on a whole bowl impossible you been told me about all this great talent is in the NBA and that this hall of Famers all over the place surely there's some talent you can sign are you really trying to bring that tape take up after what we've just watched in the last four and a half hours in college I've got to do something I'm here my gosh twenty yes forty percent of the league Ajit instead reaction yes I this is a damn good point if you ask me you want to die on the you're dying on that hill is the unfortunate five died a thousand deaths are ready today what difference does it make what more I I did have to laugh though UCLA Dodger Frank tag this in a note from the and we'll keep who covers the what clippers any tweeted earlier just well earlier a couple minutes ago the warriors don't even have a single finals MVP on their team anymore Lehman well done

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