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American Airlines accuses its union workers of "illegal slowdown"


For the second almond about the city council being asked to approve a plan to revamp security at the Long Beach airport over the objection of union officials amazing on the issue, except for tonight, the city wants to bring nonunion, scared of officers on the force, they'd worked under the direction of the police department, but the union says. That plan would leave officers. Less prepared to deal with an emergency. American Airlines taking its union workers to court blaming them for flight delays. Carrier claims an intentional illegal slowdown by union mechanic has already caused more than two thousand flight cancellations or delays since February, and it fears worse is to comments the summer travel season gets underway. American is suing the two unions, involved contract negotiations have been bogged down ever since American merged with US Airways four years ago. Union leaders say they're still preparing a response to management's

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American Airlines accuses its union workers of "illegal slowdown"

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