Magic Johnson continues to tarnish the Lakers' and his legacy


In addition to Vogel, being officially introduced Monday, the Lakers were front and center with Magic Johnson's comments on ESPN's I take then I start hearing, you know, massing you're not working hard enough, Magic's, not in office. So people around the Laker office was telling me saying things, and I didn't like those things being said behind my back wasn't in the office enough, and so on and on. So Magic Johnson going public again with the dirty laundry from the LA Lakers. What do we make it ESPN insider Adrian Wiltshire around, I think two things with Magic Johnson. Number one, a lot of excuses and blame on other people for the simple fact that he didn't want to do this job. He told he said he told janey bus in the beginning, I'm not going to be here on a full-time basis. I'm going to run my business. He didn't stay in there on a full-time basis. He was not around very. Often. So if rob Pelinka had said to somebody Magic's, not here. He's not around. It was a statement of fact, maybe not so much backstabbing. And number two, the fact that magic brought up the idea today of wanting to buy the Lakers. They're not for sale. But certainly, he got that idea out there that he would like to own that team to me that was certainly something of a message for, gene. Everything he doesn't says, is strategic is that the reason in your mind why he came out and wanted to talk about all of this today? I think it was. There's no question. It was part of it. But the blaming of everybody else for him walking away how he quit. In the end he made it very clear, this job takes tremendous commitment wasn't willing to make it right. Even though he made that clear between bus in the beginning at the end of the day, she's the leader. She's the boss, boss. And so you have to point to the top when there's an issue like those issues, the now she's got an even bigger problem on her hands. Palinka still running things. How does she won't? She has the lead here, and by Magic Johnson not being around by him going weeks at a time not being around the facility, not that valuating talent not working with coaches it created a leadership vacuum. And you've seen a lot of people. A lot of names, the Rambus is Tim Harris. Phil Jackson pe-, different people are going to fill that void. She has to decide about how she wants this organization. Run by committee with lots of people or does, she want to centralize it. And right now, she seems to want this organization by committee. That's a hard way to do it in the states that way, then how can anyone expect things to change by the way Frank Vogel? The new head coach congratulations. This is going to be fun. Speaking, frank. We have much more on his news. It wasn't about him. Of course Pelinka was going to be asked about the match situation. Angeles. Magic's comments on Monday, of course, much of it being a he said he said situation as for the reaction from our Stephen Smith. There's no way in hell. I'm not

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