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Senzel robbed by Pillar, then hits first HR as Reds top SF


Welcome back into the red postgame show nine to reds. Winter's over the giants tonight a great American ballpark. And let's relive it. Now going back through the highlights the reds had an early lead. In fact, they were up to two one. A you halio Suarez made it five to one with win. One. Big swing in the second and the pitch. Fly ball hit back into deep right center. Hit it. Good. I pitch innings razz lights up. Derek Rodriguez with home run number. Six on the year in the reds. Now have jumped in front by score of five to one. It was wires as eighth home run of the year animated five to one. It was still five to one when Nixon's L came up for the second time in a game and nearly came up with its first major league home run. But Kevin pillar had other thoughts. Having out deep fly dead centerfield since hit it. Well, all the way to the wall cook. No, we cut the baseball. Both the wall. Oh my goodness. What a play by Kevin poor as he rubs Nixon's L of his first home run. Reaching above the wall, not only with his right arm, but his glove as will he climbed into the grass the catch that ball highway robbery. They did he was basically on the grassy knoll behind center field when he caught it reds were leading at six to one when Derek Dietrich came up in the fifth with the bases empty and two outs. Here's a high fly ball that's lifted back into fairly deep right center field and that ball is gonna be out or in its out. That's a home run for Dietrich is third in two nights. Seventy-one Redway since L followed that up a batter later this time. He wasn't going to give any doubt. If they were never ever got that. I just give you a question of somebody to look out. That's another bomb hit back into right field. He's got his firm. They're not going to catch that one. He drove that baby about ten rose up into the mood deck, and right and young Mr. sent Zell tuck with his first major league home run. Opposite field shot their rights. The reds are pouring an odd here tonight against Derek Rodriguez. And the San Francisco Giants, congratulations, Nixon's L. He said have to.

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