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This tweet you're about to see from the official blue check mart Twitter account of the Indian military. Okay. So this is not an individual who is tweeting this this is from the Indian military from India from India, look at this those are footprints that they've found in McCulloch baron national park, the military those footprints measure thirty two inches long fifteen inches wide. Those are unequivocally. Two definite proof that they are yetis in India. Okay. Thirty two inches but fifteen that's not a human footprint walking onto feet. It's not a bear. Did we just prove that there are yetis in India that is single handedly the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Okay. So okay. So let's listen to this. So you're trying to tell me that the Indian military. This is the military. You're trying to tell me that they're what just doing it for doing it for the yuks trying to get some retweets. Okay. Tell me one other thing that the Indian military has given us it's been true. I don't let fall, of course. No, I didn't do a lot of research this when percents looking at the pictures and did a little thing like This this. office. There's been Getty sightings in this exact same park before the fact that this this is fun. It's awesome. This is news. That matters. I agree with you. But apparently they've never seen bond. Right. Not that big not that big. What about Karl Anthony towns? No, no, no, thirty two inches. This. Look, I I don't I don't it's almost three feet. I don't sing unless I hear music, right? I don't I don't think that that is. I don't think that the head is yeti. That's just me. Personally, look monster. Objective. Science happens to disagree with you. But your opinion is that exists. I guess that's that is a yeti footprint,

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