Judge gives U.S. six months to identify separated migrant children


U S District. Judge daynuss abroa- says he's confident officials will be able to identify all of the children to the court by the deadline, the bra rejected the government's initial plan to track those children down over a couple of years. ACLU? Attorney league alarmed says once the government provides a child's name advocates will reach out to the parents knock going to be easy to families were separated. Ten months ago. We may not have the most recent Hotak information from them. So we. Anticipate an enormous task ahead of us officials must review the cases of some forty seven thousand migrant kids who pass through government shelters from July first of twenty seventeen to June twenty fifth of last year. That's one day before judge Debrosse stopped family separations and ordered the government to identify all children still in use custody who could be reunited with their

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