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To winning. I wanna talk to you about the bears because the Chicago fans are some of the best fans in eighty five auto, you partner eighty-five degrees. And the funny thing is about the bears is when I came there. They had a good year. I think they made it to the playoffs, but they had just released locker. So there's a lot. But it's still like no matter how the bears do. It's like last year was the eighty five bears. Right. And this year, we're going back Friday. Yeah. Yeah. Well, until until that happens again, I think the eighty five bears will be revere because think about a guys total city hadn't won a championship in almost sixty years. Yeah. Since nineteen sixty so the eighty five bears came and Chicago was always known at the second city, you know, and people at the O, whereas New York there's way oh, Dallas Chicago somewhere. But so we felt a Imbaba embattled what championships were made of and we brought the interest of the entire world, and we did the Super Bowl shuffle which the going to give. Yeah.

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