New Ghost Recon game leaked ahead of official reveal


Caz, usual. The only time we talk about this goes recon thing is when it's breaking news. And then you're wrong. Apparently, there's been a leak I saw pop up over here on read it image leaked out that talks about Tom Clancy's ghost recon, breakpoint wolves collector's edition. So maybe that hasn't been officially there was a good question here, though, because you not tomorrow is this question here from Andrew dramas, maybe in sedro mouse. Good morning. I'd like to hear your thoughts and weather the review of our ghost recon could be something that isn't Usov has as another. I p people speculating that watchdogs is going to invade this ghost recon thing and then invade because technically what it was twenty seventeen that we got wild lands which wasn't that long to us. And then we got watchdogs in two thousand sixteen. So it feels like, and we watch Ben the Saint they're gonna combine to know people are saying that which I fucking bayton. Ghost recon is all bullshit. Oh, a hacked watch. Just put out a piece of deal sea story DLC that has Shane from the Walking Dead and the punisher what I can never remember his name sorry in it. And so it's like this thing of are they trying to drum up this excitement for ghost recon. So that they can take the start this thing. We're doing the goes into goes like, bro. It's like dead second. It's like I liked the I don't know that there's that. But with the image. Does it look markedly different than the version from twenty seventeen all the jungle and heartfelt? What do you mean? In other words, is it looked like it might be said, and it was like whatever south much. This guy. There's this thing on at here. That's a screen grab. And it's like, it's a dude. Like a poncho. It looks like generic dude with the giant gun hard to tell it would be fucking awesome. I think if they were and I was like, well, why don't you do assassin's creed? Oh, well, hasn't to get people. Really angry goes recon a smaller Ubisoft franchise enough. And you just got a piece of story. I think you just hit the nail head though. Do you really want to piss off your on the dose recom- fast by doing this sounds fun? But I think it's going to be ghost recon.

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