Virginia Democrat Wins Primary Even After Jail Time For Teenage Sex Scandal


Here's a really interesting story from Fox News. Virginia Democrat who was accused in two thousand fourteen of having sex with this teenage secretary. He later married one, the democrat primary on Tuesday for the state's sixteenth Senate district. Now that makes sense. All sorts of sense. God politics is growth. It's just gross. You guys the more the more I'm in it. The more is just like dirty dirty victory comes in the primary, who sentenced for years ago, in jail over scandal. Volving a minor. He was in his fifties at the time. Oh my God. How was she? Team. Seriously? What is wrong with her? No. Parents have dad. Right. And that dad needs to be stepping up and taking some. I. Virginia. Okay. Alabama, they'd be taken care of, here's a silver lining. Okay. Joe Morris is the guy's name, former state legislator, defeated incumbent Senator Rosalyn dance by over ten points despite the fact that governor governor Ralph northern endorsed in the plan of weeks of the campaign. Well, that's why oh, you know, it's really interesting. I don't know if I've pointed this out. It's been awhile since pointed out governor north rim. Still. Still there. He's only Lieutenant governor is Lieutenant governor still job as well. But governor north and he's the guy that, that did the whole black face thing babies after they kill all the babies after. They're they've been born, they've successfully. Discussion have discussion whether or not that baby who's struggling to live on the table. Let's discuss whether or not that baby should live. Here's how bad north sucks. The nemo of Jinya because it was basically him against this. Other guy said, we'd rather have the guy that went to jail for doodling a minor. Wow. Publican.

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