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How many people can say that? I found you which makes perfect for this job, Tessa Thompson, and Emma Thompson, there in that clip, Emma Thompson, one of the few returning strands, furthest. Many back international everything else, pretty brand new call, we excited about reboot sequel for the men in black crunch is. No. Really? So when the first trader came out, it very much was Hello. You get to see Tessa Thompson, and Chris Hemsworth suit here. Two of the most bankable likable, most charismatic stars very well tainted I thought that's not bad way to repeat your franchise. And, and I had a similar thing when what she in the first twenty minutes thought this scripts Bill will of the place if it was there to three scripts being copy pasted together. But you're trying to get by the charisma of these two thousand suits and then an hour twenty minutes, and I thought, oh, no, it kinda works. Okay. Just the Shia charisma of two of the best in Hollywood right now in nice clothing made me, nicely

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