How Much Coffee Is Too Much? Drinking 6 Cups In A Day Is Bad For The Heart, Study Shows


If you need a coffee to get through the day, you might wanna dial it back. It turns out there's a limit when it comes to coffee consumption researchers. They published a new article in the American journal of clinical nutrition. It reveals that six or more cups of Java ups the risk of heart ailments might twenty percent who drinks six cops. Stay people over here. Do it. All the time. Six cops. Absolutely. Yeah. What size of a Cup. I mean is that is a measurement of a is that that six ounces way seems like a lot of coffee six cups of copy seems like a lot to me sixteen tablespoons of the study marks the first time. Scientists have attached a Cup number limit. That notes went damage could start setting in and apparently six cups. You can start to damage heart. Now coffee's not not the most commonly consumed stimulant in the world wakes us up boost our energy and helps us focus, but people are always asking how much caffeine is too much. Yeah. Dr island hop on what the Australian centre for precision health says six starts the damage your body a little bit. Well, we're gonna have a bunch of people dropping like flies here at the station. No doubt caffeine is an absolute must for this profession at you've seen people in the break room flock to those the those coffee pots some do. I I have two cups a day to have for years. That's it. Just two cups. How many how many you don't drink drink tea got caffeine in it?

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