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It seem at least how the businesses wishing to bitcoin for that means a payment between each of other. And it it really got me thinking, you know, this is, you know, is this legitimately, you know, sort of change and in how the world could work around the same time Silkroad was also doing some sort of infamous ity, and you know, but it was all again linked. There was tall. Crypto bitcoin. And together, they sort of made me sort of thing, those might be some sort of underlying kind of social change happening here. So I I sort of set about it to investigate it further. And I met a guy also featured in the article called me a talkie. I went out to London to see him just sort of a Chapman and figure out. What's what's going on here? I won't thing. That's another sort of got to know a bunch of people in the space, and eventually telic and. I I sort of set about working on on a theory, which she very recently published a white paper on sort of proposal full if you like kind of a rethink of blockchain bitcoin, it was bitcoin time those really blockchain back, then I

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