House Democrat says support lacking for Trump impeachment inquiry


Jerry Nadler, here in the situation room, just moments ago, telling me and I'm quoting him, now, it may very well, come to a formal impeachment inquiry. Let's get some reaction from our political and legal experts, and Gloria borger. What do you think he's, he's holding out that possibility? Very clearly, but he doesn't seem in any rush. You know, he he says it might come to that. But not so fast. I think he's in the Nancy Pelosi school here. How it'll end that is I'm gonna try and get people before my committee. He said to you. It's important that Bob Muller testifies. He thinks he's a public servant he thinks he's going to be able to get them to testify publicly because that is what they want important for the for the American public to hear what he has to say because not everyone has read the Muller report is imported out. So I think what he's saying to you is one foot in front of the other, and we're not going to be pushed into this. But first, we have to tell the story to the American public new also make clear. He wants to make sure that. There's a consensus among the democratic leadership that he and Nancy Pelosi the speaker on the same page. That's right in one of the things that he said, was at this point. There's just not the support in his caucus. Their course or this very vocal minority of folks who do one and peach man inquiry do one. I'm peach mate charges file, but they're not enough of them yet. We'll see how this goes day by day they're doing. They do seem to be louder and they do seem to be more of them. But I was just sort of struck by Jerry Nadler's basic tone. I mean, there was no sense of urgency really. If you've certainly compare him to what we hear from progressives in the folks, you really want to March and worth impeachment. He was very measured almost diffident in terms of where they stand right now in terms of this impeachment incudes interested. Bionic is nearly half of the Democrats on the judiciary committee want to begin some sort of formal impeachment proceeding, fifty nine Democrats in the house out of two hundred and thirty five want to do so, so it's not it's not happening yet. Well, and he made. They have been addressing some of their concerns by seemingly stating that what they're doing. Now is not so different from an inquiry. He said, they're just maybe a few levels of the process that would be different. If in fact, they did launch an official inquiry, but he made it seem I agree with the panel as if they are making inroads, and they are continuing to do the work that they are focusing on right now. Now what did stand out, and maybe it was just an oversight. But you specifically asked him if he was on the same page with Nancy Pelosi. He didn't say, yes, he also didn't say, no, but, but he did say, you know, if if that's what it'll take, we will get there. We're not there yet, but it didn't give you a yes or no definitive answer. Also from the legal standpoint, allure coats, would it make much of a difference in obtaining documents from the administration in getting witnesses to appear before the committee if there was a formal formal proceeding underweight as opposed to the informal employee that's going on. Well, yes, I mean the participator prosperity saying they've done their nose at it. Can. Continuously because they have to rely on the court to kind of enforce it and hope that the courts will say, there's no good legislative reason to have this and kind of dismiss it. But in reality, the impeachment inquiry, gives a great deal more power. They don't have to have legislative purpose as their basis. That is the constitutional purpose. That's there also opens the floodgates you don't have to the rule, sixty there have to think about the notions of whether or not they have to have is an oversight function alone. Is it tied enough? They need all these details for legislation. They could simply say, look the constitution guarantees the right to have oversight and accountability in the executive branch of government. We're doing just that. So it does open more avenues. But remember again, as we're all saying, this is the political process and political processes, don't have the same level of common sense, perhaps, as the judicial process going

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