Is 5G safe? (The 3:59, Ep. 575)



The. Welcome to the three fifty nine or about your chain actor, five Jeep promises to radically change your lives, giving us a lightning fast connection potentially powering everything around us. But there's always been a lingering concern about five and cellular signals general. It's really the concern about whether or not, this is actually dangerous after all uses higher frequency radio airwaves five particular will require a lot more cell towers around you that's making people really nervous. So we had our own Maggie ridden breakdown this issue. And well, it's complicated. Technically, all this radiation, really any heat that we give off considered radiation, but cell signals including five G don't fall into that spectrum of harmful radiation, that would actually breakdown, your yourself something like something you'd find with an x Ray or a nuclear power plant, so no studies found a direct link between cell phones and cancer or fertility or any other kind of health issues. But there's a big but is that the World Health Organization sort of left open the? Ability that are f- signals are causing genyk critics say that. They're just haven't been enough adequate studies to prove that science. You need a lot of studies, you need to have different variables taken out of the equation. You can't be like okay, all we're going to do you're going to be subject to five waves, as opposed to WI fi, microwaves or any of those other items or even other people who are radiating heat. So there's lots of different factors on this. So it's just flat out scientists take a lot of time to figure this out, but at times, figured out, sixty will be here. Right. I think that's the big problem. I think this is an issue had with cell cell phone service generals. We don't have five note tests on by the time we do have the network to get those adequate tests were already years into five G exposure, and everyone sort of moved on. Right. And so, yeah, there really isn't sorry, say there isn't a clear. Answer is whether or not it's dangerous. We get we only know that it might be. Yeah. Maybe not I'm leaning towards probably as dangerous as four G bribing, assuming four. Gee is dangerous. That's the thing right there. No say's have really conclusively linked four G to anything. And so the World Health Organization has left open calls it a potentially carcinogenic cereal. But they also say coffee and pickled vegetables and also heard burnt ends can cause. Yeah. All kinds of different things that can be related to cancer or at least be connected to a next up YouTube may face fines from investigation by the Federal Trade Commission, according to the Washington Post YouTube is already reconsidering changing big Elms of service, including the algorithm that recommends what you watch next part of this bigger bait scrutiny over the, you know how it manages content, whether what the balance is between freedom of speech versus potentially harmful content, and this particular case is talking about the child the Coppola where it comes to collect data from children under thirteen without parental consent FTC had an issue with tick tock tick tock that musically. And they actually settled for a s- fine of five point seven million dollars, which at the time was the largest finally settled, if the FTC is looking into YouTube, and they have to figure out kind of some kind of settlement of Suming, this kind of violation of this law, this kind of settlement might be very, very, very, very large. Yes. If, if I boy, seven's a drop in the bucket for for you to take talks a small. Company, probably a bigger blow for them. But yeah, you can imagine this fine would be a lot more significant. Last-minute Mitee, study out says that it can use to figure out how pizzas made is keep breakdown, how this would work. Yes. So this, this. It's using neural networks and what it does taking this giant collection of images of pizzas from Instagram. What this tool can do it can deconstruct piece from layer to layer, two layer two layers can figure out the topping the cheese, the sauce and the way it was the cross was cooked. So that seems a little bit nuts. And I was looking at see what other applications are in the study, they mentioned this could be good for salads, hamburgers sandwiches, but other applications outside of food would be digital fashion shopping assistance shirt, under that blazer. What's at teacher weren't under that shirt scary? But also useful, potentially essentially, I've of casino Chang actor. Thanks.

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