A cardiac arrest-detecting smart speaker could save your life


How much privacy are you willing to trade in return for a potentially life-saving tool? Komo's Corwin Hake reports. That's the question facing smart speaker users now that university of Washington researchers have developed a heart attack app. You researchers have. Developed software for Amazon echo, and other smart speakers, they say can detect dangerous changes in breathing that signal cardiac arrest, the smart speaker would then call for help. Specifically it listens for breathing and intermittent gulping for air that has one symptom of a heart attack. CPR trainer say, Admiral breathing is often overlooked, these attempts from the body to breathe can be misinterpreted as normal breathing and not cardiac arrest and therefore, it prevents aggressive CPR atop udub. Researchers tell geekwire their apple labeled. Smart speaker recognizes agony, breathing, ninety seven percent of the time, the tradeoff, of course, is a device in your home that has always on and always listening. It's a feature. Civil rights advocates are already agitating

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