Snoopy in Space

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Nasa has shared a proud association with the late Charles M Scholtz, and his American icon, Snoopy since the Apollo missions began shoes innovation now bringing you stories behind the ideas, that shave our future in the nineteen sixties Charles Schultz, created comic strips depicting Snoopy, on the moon capturing public excitement about America's achievements in space in may nineteen sixty nine the Apollo, ten mission required the lunar module to skim the moon surface to within fifty thousand feet and snoop around scouting, the Apollo eleven landing site. So the crew named the lunar module Snoopy, and there was no better name for the command module. Then Charlie Brown Snoopy's loyal owner. Now is NASA celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the historic, Apollo missions, Snoopy, and the beloved peanuts characters are once again joining me. Data for some space aged programming peanuts and space secrets of Apollo ten a short documentary of sorts features Ron Howard, Jeff golden and two of the Apollo ten astronauts. Tom Stafford in gene Cernan in a light hearted. Look at arm missions to the moon or innovation now, I'm Jennifer Kolar innovation now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA and is distributed by w. HR V.

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