World Health Organization removes gender dysphoria from list of mental illnesses, adds 'gaming disorder'


Us, the World Health Organization who, who has made some, some changes to its international classification of diseases, and the changes are interesting. The first one is that they have decided to remove transgenderism from its list of mental disorders, which is odd to me, because I don't know how else you can possibly classify. A person who doesn't identify with the sex. They were born as you know what I mean. Like how else can you classify that, except as a mental disorder, obviously put it right there in their book, as like living their best live. Got gotta be living my best lifelock. Now an LGBT rights director at Human Rights Watch is celebrating this saying the whose removal of gender identity disorder from its diagnostic, manual. We'll have a liberating effect on transgender people world woman as long as it makes them feel better. Right. I mean if what about about how they feel because it's perfectly normal as long as it. I mean, if you have for example of Jain you feel feel like rob you like a man, yeah, that's totally nothing wrong with your brain at all. We don't want you to feel bad about that. Yeah. We she didn't want you to have the bad feels. So we're just going to say that it's fun. Yes. As normally as as anything else, so we're going to put that in our little book. So that's, that's one of the main changes you feel good about yourself. They've added as a mental disorder and gaming disorder. So you have a gaming addiction. That is now listed in there. I see d their international custody of diseases. So you just that disorder Nevada's now out of your mom's basement and get a freaking job so disorders who uses too much of the internet computers, or smartphones than you have an official destroyed. So now that person gets to say, I have a disorder right disorder mom. Yeah. Yeah. And what do they the qualify for like, who knows? I don't even want to go there because that's like, that's that's gonna make you mad. Yeah, that's crazy. Right. So there's that they've also. Yeah. They've also listed official workplace burn out. This is my favorite. This is my favorite mission. How many types of disease how many times in your life if you experience this? I mean think about it. Okay. Maybe not you because you're happy all the time. But there have been times in my life. I have I have experienced burn out on so many levels. I look at my there, there have been times in my life in my twenty. What five twenty how many years, I've been working now, I have probably thirty years. I've been working in the corporate world radio aside because radio's pretty dang fun. Yeah. But when I worked in regular corporate America, you know, where you had to go, and we're pantyhose. Yeah. I would just have burned out from that yet. I'm wearing pantyhose. I'd be like geez. And you get patriarchy, right? Burnt out, is it. I can't believe this is officially recognized chronic condition. Yeah. They define it as chronic workplace stress that has not been successfully manages take a vacation. So now they even have three defining symptoms. So you can listen to these and decide if you to suffer from burn out the first one is feelings of energy depletion, or exhaustion. So if you're a parent, God, everybody's automatic right? Number two increased mental distance from one job or feelings of negativism or cynicism related to your job. And finally reduced professional efficacy. My, my granddaddy, had like three jobs and I don't think the guy slept. This is back in the olden days. Yeah. I can't even imagine like if he was still alive today, and I'd be like granddaddy, there's this new thing called burn out. It's a it's a condition. It's a chronic condition. He would just look at me sideways, like what in the hell are you talking about? I to go to my third job, right? Well, and that's the thing. This is just another symptom of how much our culture has gotten worst fi. Italy saw everything is a condition. Or a disease, everything, like now, if this gets treated as a disease, can you imagine like if you if you request family leave because you're suffering from this disease that is just regular strength. And that's the thing or just I don't know. Just being too. Dull issue. That's what I'm saying. It's just being an it's just being a grown up now and people are ill equipped to be grownups. And that's

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