Stonewall uprising veterans still astounded 50 years after making history


Violent demonstrations by the gay community against a police raid at the stonewall in New York's Greenwich Village led to the modern gay rights movement tonight as part of news hours coverage of the fiftieth anniversary of stonewall over the next several days where sharing a report from story core, as a conversation between John ban, barred and Jerry NATO both military veterans who served in World War Two and Vietnam respectively at the time. John one hundred and Jerry seventy seventy-two sat down in the veteran's home, where they live to reflect on their twenty five years together story. Core records meaningful conversations across the country that are preserved in an archive at the library of congress. This is an animation of their conversation. Hello. My name is Jerry nadeau on with John ban Vard. And I was born in Brooklyn, New York. No, no, no, no. You gotta say your name and everything. Hello, mind. Name is my name is John vanguard. One hundred years of eight when I first met, you, John. You're seventy five years old. What would have been like if you didn't meet me, I would have continued. Lovely. I been absolutely August. When we met, we were sort of in the closet. I never had a real relationship. Now we've been together almost twenty five years. And when we moved into the veteran's home, we moved in together. And a lot of people are wondering, I wonder what their relationship is, well, when we got married, they knew what our relationship was expecting. We'd be ridiculed and those very little that we got married at the veteran's home. And we said, if you came to see the bride, you're out of luck, do you remember that, of course it was very informal. He was done simply yet, we served hot dogs, which is hard waiting food. Remember, John, I was with you in a cafeteria, and somebody came up, and they were with their family, and they said, oh, this is Gerard nadeau. And this is his husband. John, I never heard that before that was very much. You've made my life complete. I could say the same thing to you. You think probably as happy, again to people, you're likely to

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