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You know we currently have thousands of users in barbados on hundreds of merchants across the island utilizing this platform so it's only a matter of time before we exit the sandbox were full regulatory approval and hopefully are central bank fees steve the merits of the solution hopefully they understand the advent of central by they're still currencies and they then champion a champion this to be to make money they end money product specifically the bar betas show dollar iphone legal tender only islander barbados so what am money is it's the representation of the utility central by digital currency would look like because laura let's look at it central bank goes on issues additional dollar well that's great they've been innovative but what happens now who's accepting it how's it being spent what is it looked like a local economy who's receiving it what what does that look like from accounting perspective from a security perspective from auditing perspective well basta be designed an end money steps in and fill that gap perfectly by allowing us to show the full utility of central bank digital currency and allows us to prove the viability of digital systems on digital payments refund aid small island developing state how are you getting that into people's hands and like is it is it just like normal brick and mortar merchants or is it on you know kind of like like website or mobile apps where a dead are adopting it where people can spend it oh oh yes it's it's all of the above its local brick and mortar merchants whether it's a grocery store you could go into any one a supermarket in barbados and by you're milk you're food and you're you're you're drinks and you're meet senior toiletries all using the mobile a

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