Yankees homer in MLB-record 28th straight game


Dot com big sticks in the big leagues i'm going to name a team tonight the yankees entered play tonight having homered should've scroll down to see if they have homered in fact there's gonna be dramatic it's the eighth inning to the yankees have a home run tonight they do they have now homered in unbelievable twenty eight consecutive games aaron hicks hit one last night of the eighth inning against the jays tonight d._j. lemay you in the first inning well extended the streak right out of the chute tonight they twenty-seven had tied the rangers for the major league record set in two thousand and two so they the yankees now hold the major league record homering in twenty eight consecutive games the last time the yankees did not homer at a game was made the twenty fifth during this streak thirteen different yankees have homered in the twenty-seven game stretch a total of forty seven homers and yet they entered play tonight just fourth not just fourth but they're not i like you'd assume based on those numbers they are fourth in the major leagues in home runs although keep in mind they have recently added from the injured list giancarlo stanton they've added aaron judge and they've traded for edwin encarnacion they may hit a home run every gave him the rest of the year twenty

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