How people find new podcasts



Find new podcasts to listen to the answer from friends and family? That's according to data from the Canadian podcast listeners survey, social media, however isn't far behind podcasts are the perfect antidote to are poisonous news environment. That's the opinion of Mike Pesca, the host of the gist in the Washington Post will link to that from our show notes and our newsletter today this weekend, the gist celebrates its fifth anniversary making it says slate, the longest running continuous daily news and analysis podcast we reported on Acosta access yesterday, which offers secure premium podcasts the plane, whatever at your listeners want Ann Arbor folk of pointed us to supporting cast from slate, which does much the same thing it launched in February and at which rewards podcast listeners for listening pod coin has been acquired by the meat group in cash free deal. Our coverage last. Year noted that if you listen to podcasts for three hours a day using the app, it'll take three months to earn two dollars. Edison. Research have a webinar about infamous dial Australia next week on may the eighth homemade the ninth depending where you live and almost simultaneously. They'll be revealing infinite dial Canada at Canadian music week on may the ninth. Spotify is testing interactive audio ads you shout play. Now, if you want to listen to a playlist from deodorant, it isn't clear what technology they're using Pandora as signed to test with industry, Matic and your shout. He radio ads won't work in podcast ads. That's according to Nova Entertainment's Jay Walker done. We'll be at Canadian music week next week in Toronto in Canada. Indeed, I will be doing the keynote speech at the beginning of the day, which will be scary for all of us. Because I haven't started writing it yet. Anyway, get in touch if you're based in Toronto and would like to catch up where. Also in Hong Kong for much of the day on Monday, if you'll base there and in our

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