Country House Wins Kentucky Derby After Maximum Security Is Disqualified


And we're all trying to figure out how much money. Yep. Actually changed hands in the decision to award country house the winner over maximum security because of that fouled the Kentucky Derby because because Omaha beach Mike was scratched before the rest began. He was the betting favorite maximum security became defending betting favorite, but country house. Mike was a sixty five to one longshot and came through with the wind. So first and foremost the biggest bets on each of those horses. The biggest bet on maximum security was eight thousand dollars. So if that results stayed maximum security one that would have paid out thirty six thousand dollars imagine being this person the largest bet on country a house per twin? Spires was twenty five hundred dollars. So they were sitting there for twenty two minutes waiting for the review waiting to see if they won one hundred sixty two thousand five hundred dollars that paid off on that. So and they ended up winning that because country house was declared the winner, but with maximum security all the vets to win place or show. There's approximately nine million dollars is what it costs betters that were bet over six point two million to win and then obviously amounts onto place in nine million it cost

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