Adam Sandler performs tribute to Chris Farley on 'Saturday Night Live'


It was I forgot to watch it with what's his face did Adam Sandler. Yeah. I forgot all about how was it? Good. Well, one of the things I didn't know any talk about it in his monologue. At the starts his first time back at SNL since he was fired. And like what oh Sandler got fired. I didn't just rock got fired. And Chris Farley got far they all get fired at the same time. I'm like speaking of being on crack, I think Lorne Michaels must have been on crack is that would be three of their stronger characters. But sadly did a really nice song. It's from his Netflix special from last year where he did this really nice tribute song, Chris Farley and had this need to kind of. Slide show wasn't a slide show is an actual vignettes of his greatest moments on SNL in the movies. He did. And they everybody was pretty touched by that. You believe in twenty two years since Chris Farley died and believable, right? Yeah. Boozer boozer Drucker. I think wasn't the story behind him died of a drug overdose. I what and create. I I'd love that guy. I love that guy for just the I love the way he just sort of change what they were new. There was so many things that he did like Robin Williams at the start of interviews or at the start of shows that they would have, you know. Okay. Here's the script. And they sort of look at it going. I don't fucking keep into that. I got my own idea. You know, I got my own idea. And I love that. That's my mantra man that is my mantra that they just had the right amount that dual in particular had just the right amount of breaking character legless Merck's, but they powered through most of the time is usually Sandler that was breaking character and Farley would just keep ROY. Rolling right through it. And I thought they did at just the right amount. Versus Jimmy Fallon who seemed to.

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