Apple To Reveal Super-Cool New Apple Watch watchOS 6 Features, Report Says


They share where again getting some new faces from APM, selves. So there's gonna be a gradient face, which will like show gradient. Apparently they've done the Nike series four watch faces an analog face with different colors kind of. And then they've got the MS that yet not launch MS face. But as part of like watchos five point, I think they've got new air mass faces that are gradient, and it's like cut in half of two tones just like the non-grant version where it changes based on what the hours on rotates. But they've done gradients before was like. Wallpapers? They're like navy to orange or on the MAC desktop where you've got like. When does the sign almost? But it's. Chains based on time of day, and that's gradient. And so I wonder if this is like that where it changes based on time of day. I like certain color in the mornings night versus like mess style. Were changes every minute of the hour. You know? Yeah. I really like how the meds ones. Look. It's annoying. The limited to those Madhusudan -ly. As going to be updates to the extra large faces to show the best. That's the accessibility. If I used, but a new person you can use if you just want something, very simple. It just puts the did you time in ready ready baked filling the face problem is going to be more options to configure different styles. I actually used that actually face. I think on the I watch for a long time because I couldn't find anything that really likes to what I three. I'd like news and stuff. I was big extra us for a long time. Think Michael Seeber was the same way because it's Cohen like fashionable and you don't have any complications and stuff on it. There's gonna at a California and look face the mixes Roman numerals and our big news. I didn't know a California dollar was. So I looked up and now the IRA bec- Roman makes him sense. And you've seen a wash. Like, this is is the thing where the like ten eleven twelve one two on the what tracer instead written as the rim was like x I the on that split and the Boatman's Nomo numbers. It's quite common for like fencing punctual choose I wasn't. I've read the report and did the nine to five daily episode on this report and did not look up with a California face was. I didn't know that was a known thing. Yeah. I didn't. I didn't get the reference by got what it looked like as soon as I knew penalty is cooled California because a jewelers in California made their name making more alone time. Okay. Although amusingly is made in California. And it doesn't have the number nine because often. They like dash out the number three number nine the split. Yeah. And say I confirmed because they skip the iphone nine that. It does have an extra ten eleven one up say is truly made in California. They need they need to fix explore face. It's been. Broken and five point too much. If it's fixed and the new watch OS beta for like the explore faces like it's the one with the red hands, and it has the only face with LT complication part of the watch face and not control center.

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