Frank Vogel Set to Be Lakers Head Coach; Kidd Tapped as Assistant


Frank Vogel hired as the head coach of the Lakers. They went with auction see, and that's pretty hard to pal it. If you're a Lakers fan going with action, see as I said earlier, the two coaching searches in Los Angeles UCLA in the Los Angeles, Lakers planning on co authoring a book on how to conduct a coaching search because both went very very smoothly. But the story coming out of this and even after the Magic Johnson resignation and all that and now with going with option C where you got money. Wave's turning your down for the sons Tyler say, no, I don't want the three year deal and the Jason Kidd becoming an assistant because Vogel acquiescence said. Yep. A I'm fine with that. I'll take the three year deal. Now, the conversation turns to what happens with LeBron James and should LeBron James just get out of there. Stephen a Smith of the Stephen a Smith show referenced whether or not they should trade. Lebron you've got folks close to Jeanie Buss imploring her to trade LeBron James he does not have a no trade clause. And now you haven't given them to coach that he wanted. Lebron James's quality been about the business of trying to get a wide Lennon to come to the Los Angeles Lakers his stead at a loss Angeles Clippers so making a move like this by not bringing in a coach that he wants not securing that the coach said he wants in Los Angeles is his guy you never know what Domino's a going to fall right now. That was Stephen a Smith appearing on. Sportscenter discussing the possibility of LeBron James being traded, which to me is look there are people who know heck of a lot more and are more. Well connected than I am in this thing. I think it is one of these silliest topics that that we've talked about here at ESPN in quite some time. Is it a possibility? To me. It is so hard to fathom the Los Angeles Lakers deciding to trade him or even LeBron admitting failure going this was the wrong move. And and having to swallow his pride and ego. I need to get out of here. Both of those things. I don't envision any of that happening. Myron do I don't envision it happening. But it's not crazy. It's crazy because we're in America in our sports stars. Don't get traded to that degree. They thought they signed that the teams they used their power and free agency. But you don't trade your star quarterbacks. Your star NBA players your star baseball players. Whereas in soccer, you know, your name are you pod leisure? And all those all those guys have switched teams, you know in the last decade or so, and it's not outrageous for happening to support like that. I think the problem is if you're LeBron it's how do you want to in your

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