Jim Dolan, Zion Williamson And Virginia discussed on Weekend Observations with Stu and Jr.


I didn't like Jones from Duke. I don't like Zion Williamson, but you've got the Murray state kid. John. It wasn't as people. Yeah. Kid in American his name. His name. He's kid for Murray state. That's all I know. And leather, my I they will die Jaama rant is probably solvable. Then you might be better this volumes. But is the beauty of what happened last night? And the next nine only Zion, they're not getting John. Wait a second, second. I don't work job Moran. I want the kids from Virginia guy. I spoke to gymnast at the final four. I used to go to the final four him Nancy told me Kyle guy. Virginia. Second best player overall in the draft, if he slipped on telling Jim Dolan, I'm not saying, I'm friends with Jim Dolan. He

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