Everything You Need to Know About Hamburgers


Come from Hamburg Germany? Well, not so much ground, beef shaped patties did originated Hamburg, but it was called the Hamburg steak and it came without a bun after that your guesses as good as anyone else's as to how hamburgers came into being, there's credible evidence that the Hamburg steak may have been served on a slice of bread there also reports of such thing being served around the same time in Boston in Chicago, there at least four other claims of where and win the hamburger was created. Now, the original was called Hamburg steak, we need to address the issue of steak burgers, those came about in about nineteen twenty and in the nineteen thirties, the steak burger debuted at stake in shakes first location in normal, Illinois. The burger was made up from strip from the T bone steak and sirloin. Most of us know hamburgers because of the Thura of fast food restaurants. That populate ways by the way, the industry doesn't. Like the term fast food it prefers quick service restaurants. I'm not sure who they think they're fooling. But there you are. But back to hamburgers worldwide informal eating out is about a one trillion dollar industry of which seventy five percent is fast food of that seventy five percent. Mcdonald's claims eleven percent that works out to about seventy five hamburgers sold every second in India, cow, meat does a Golder well, with a large portion of the population so you can walk into a McDonalds in India and get the McCurry pan a bread bowl filled with chicken curry in France. You can get a croak Magoo kind of like a croak, Madame around seventy one percent of all beef sold in America's for burgers. And there are an estimated fifty thousand burger joints in the US. The semi you want to make great burgers at home. There's a host of advice on how to do it a great burger starts with great meat. And the recommendation is for eighty percent meat to twenty percent fat go at any leaner than that. And the burger just won't hold together when it comes to seasonings simply salt and pepper seems to be the favourite, soap you should probably stick with that. There are different ways you could make a petty, mostly you grab a chunk of hamburger and flatten it, but don't pack too tightly or it'll be tough. Once you've made the Patty's some advise that you pop them in the fridge for at least fifteen minutes or so, to firm them up. Then there's the question of the dimple, the thinking is that if you use your thumb to press down in the center of the burger creating a dimple than the burger won't rise so much that you can't put all the other stuff on top. When it's time to cook, get a pan. Scorching hot cast iron seems to be the favourite, then dropped the patties into it, then leave them alone. Don't. Press on them. Don't look underneath just give them time to Brown and get a nice crust. When you've got that flipped him over and cook them to your desired level of done this. Now, if you wanna diner hamburger, you should forget nearly everything I just told you when you're ready to make your burgers, roll the meat into little balls drop those into your scorching hot Skillet with butter and garlic than press them down with your spatula, get a really solid crust on them and flip them over regardless of the method. If you wanna cheeseburger, and who wouldn't put the cheese on when you flip the burger, then covered with the stainless steel bowl trap to heat. The cheese will go all melting. So now when it comes to hamburgers, you're a smart cookie.

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