The Nationals won a series for the first time in a month


Allen. A series for the first time in a month. They beat the Mets and the finale of a three-game set seven six, they jumped on Zack Wheeler for four runs in the first inning, the Mets scored four in the third not things up. Michael Conforto a game tying three run Homer. But Wheeler served up Geraldo power to blast blasted the fifth, and the nets were to stay. It was seven four in the night, the Mets scored twice in the bags full but kion Braxton struck out to end the game. Sean Doolittle the save Wheeler failed to three and three after three straight wins. Mickey Callaway Mets lost two in a row. We've been missing putting everything together, we've pissed willa times we've hit well at times, just put them together consistently until like the last week. And when we do that, we're going to be a team to be reckoned with Callaway talked to Mike francesa on the fan. He's got a couple of injuries to contend with Conforto suffered a concussion, thanks to a collision with Robertson Cano both what after a pop up Jeff McNeil left the game. Donald tightness day today, the Mets twenty and twenty two they'll take on the last place. Marlins in Miami Friday night with Jacob. On the

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