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Pence blames Dems for migrant child detention center conditions


Vice President Mike Pence ask today on CNN state of the union about reports that a legal immigrant kids are being kept in unsanitary conditions detention centers. No American should approve of this mass influx of people coming across our border. It is overwhelming, our system how weird treating these children. Look I as I said, you, I was at the detention center in just a few short months ago it is a heartbreaking scene Boyer. Warren Binford was part of a team of lawyers who inspected detention center in Texas. She says conditions were dangerous because kids didn't have the basics like water and soap they were sick there were, they were journey that were. Are two three four year olds. Who did it have anyone to care for them? There is an infant, who is taken from child mother who has gotten terribly sick and handed off to another child who was totally unrelated to this infants. Meanwhile, a day after is postponed planned raids to round up illegal immigrants for two weeks. The president's blaming Democrats for the problem with illegal immigration. If the Democrats would change the asylum laws and the loopholes, which I refuse to do, because they think it's good politics. Everything would be solved immediately. But they refused to do on Twitter this morning, the president pledged to send illegal immigrants packing. If Democrats, don't negotiate what he calls simple changes to asylum and loopholes in the next weeks. He tweets this morning probably won't happen. But worth a try two weeks and big deportation

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