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Thing. And at the end of the day, man, people just they need. I feel honestly I feel kinda bad for people that don't get a chance to express themselves in some type of manner. Because then that means you held it inside. Maybe potentially your whole life in. You never got like you said to really feel what we get the feel at time. Yeah. I mean and it's amazing. I think it's just understanding trying to understand that we don't know our fr-. I've said this many people, we don't know, our friends, we don't really know. Let's say even each other or our family, because we don't know what goes on. Behind closed doors, right at home with the family, we don't know that. And that's not our business. But a huge part of how I think that connects to this discussion is we don't know who's oppressed by their brother or. Or has so much pressure from their wife or girlfriend friend, that they think that they feel like they're in a pressure cooker at all times in an someone whose father never gave them a provable. These are these are all the reasons, right. If people are thinking, like, oh, this sounds easy. No. The reasons are people are condition over time if by their family. And if people are like, why is this so hard for me? It's hard for you because of kind of what I'm talking about, and our family and the ones closest to us. Yes, they can do amazing things. They can provide love. They can do do that stuff. But they also can really fuck us up really fuck us up, and I think claiming claiming yourself in claiming your independence and having the ability again. To, to be bold in being able to identify like, listen, if there's anyone this for the list, there's anyone in your life that you. Feel like you need to act different around, like you can't be yourself and that you feel just just pressure. Right. I used I used to feel this way around around my dad when I be around just, just pressure being around him then matter if he was saying, anything or, or not, those fucking pressure man, and, and respond, like there's a lot of people live like that. And we have people in their lives that they feel like they have to respond certain way and. And. Can't just take a deep breath and be themselves. If you have those people in your life, and I'm sorry, if it's your mother, your wife, your brother, and those people, those people are gonna hold you back. That's just straight talk. Like period. Yeah.

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