BCycle now has electric assist bikes


Cycles, which you guys have heard me talk about for every year, the B cycle company. Omaha makes upgrades in and and I've kind of given up on running. It's not a really great way to get in shape when you're my age anyways, and biking a super great lot easier on for a so I am back in the be cycled in coming back to them this year. It's still ten dollars a month if you go to heartland dot B cycle dot com is their site. They now have electric assist bikes which are awesome. Like I, I want to I wanna buy these, this is one of those where it senses like so you start pedaling. And if you're going up a hill, it will kick in, and then it just kind of syst- you up the hill, and we have some pretty good hills here in Omaha. It's not in ver okay? Okay, denver. Sorry. It's not Denver. Right. Everybody's. No, we're not Denver. But it is pretty we still have some pretty good hills downtown. And I took the electric bikes out for the last two days, and it has really brought some magic back to some motivation behind me biking to the point now where okay I'm getting electric assistant ongoing lot faster, which is a lot more fun. And I'm not gonna do it all the time because I really I need the workouts that the really crappy vikes, you know, the big heavy trek bikes. Right. These are the heaviest bicycles in the world. They only have three speeds there intentionally slow like they don't want you to go fast. They don't want you to get hurt hurt on these things. But, but wow. The other thing they changed on their app here in town, which is cool is you can see not only how many bikes, but what kind are they electric? Or are they just the manual kind which is super cool? And then the new feature they added this time. And this is this changes everything. Me because I was having to carry I was carrying my ID and my credit card, so I could check the bikes out and yesterday. I lost my driver's license as I was biking. It's really sucks. I'm hoping somebody will mail, it, it, I'm hoping some, some nice, personal mail in, I don't have to get a new one. Getting a new ones losing a credit card. Honestly is worse because you have to shut off the credit card, and then all those things that go along with canceling a credit card that really sucks driver's license just go down and DMV pay him twenty five bucks, and they give you a new one out of a deal, but it has been. I'm having that. So now on the app, you just you say where you're at and you put the number of the stall in the bike, just pops out for super great charge Jakarta the app. Yeah, switch. No. And I have a ten dollar ten dollar plan here. No Mahal gets me an hour on the bike for free and then it's four dollars an hour after that. But if I checked the bike in and check it back out. Timer, resets, a soup or great way, men and ladies, a super great way to get some fitness. I don't own a bike. I don't have to own a bike. We have I don't know, hundreds, maybe thousands of bikes in the Omaha area. I can just drive the one jump on it and get get a bike fracture Cise. It's a super great way of getting out getting some sun, getting around Omaha and getting some exercise, Mike. I'm kinda back it. I've done it twice now yesterday and today and I'm like miss this during the winter. So super great to be back on the bike. Have you ever have you looked at any? Kind of any kind of the, the bike system, and now we're gonna talk about an a second. They have those scooters have you ever looked at an using any of those? Yeah. Well, I, we loved the scooters we went to Nashville, Tennessee, and we use the scooters to get around locally when we were down there for family vacation and we loved him. So I'm super excited actually use those in downtown. But from where I'm at Jim, there's really no easy place to access those bikes. You know, I don't work downtown or anything like that. So we actually hand, I have our own bikes. And I we use them every once in a while we now have the burly that attach to the back of the boys, which, you know, makes us use them a little bit more. But no, you know, I haven't used the ones we check out very often when those are nice, though, is when I'm with a group like

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