Ebola health risk raised to very high in Congo

UN News


The risk of Ebola spreading in the Democratic Republic of the Congo remains very high the head of the World Health Organization or WHO said on Monday Ted dwells at hanham Gabrielle, his warning follows a recent spike in the number of infections of into the virus in the unstable north east of the country since January, there have been dozens of attacks on health facilities in North Kivu, and on the nineteenth of April forty two year old Dr Richard Valerie, from Cameroon was killed in Battambang. Oh, here's Ted Rosser telling the World Health Assembly Geneva. What Dr Valerie's colleagues told him when he visited them. India see, they told me I caught we're here to save lives. We will not be intimidated by violence. We will finish the job Ebola does not take sides. It's the enemy of everybody unless we unite to end this outbreak. We ran very risk that it will. Become more widespread and more expensive and more aggressive to date. WHO has vaccinated some one hundred and twenty thousand people against Ebola which Ted said was more than ninety seven percent, affective and four experimental. Treatments have been given to eight hundred patients. The outbreak has claimed more than twelve hundred lives since it began last August.

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